About Close To The Earth

When we walk, we walk in the time of nature. If we can slow down, we walk with the beat of life, gently growing about us. Gently yet fiercely, as life on the hills also overcomes harsh conditions of drought or flood. Nature, life is all about us, there to envelop us if we are able to connect. Often, this means slowing down and using our senses, getting out of our heads and the thought reel playing over and over, which often creates stress and anxiety in our lives. You know that one?

Close To The Earth was created out of a vision to help us reconnect and restore a healthy relationship with our own bodies. Dropping into our physicality, out of minds, and through this, recreating a connection and relationship we desperatly need to stay healthy. Through our own body awareness, our relationship with the Earth can begin. A language where our senses are the interface, and a relationship is created through walking, through noticing, through using our senses. We begin to reconnect with the landscape, the Earth beneath our feet, the rivers which run, the forests which stand. This is vital for well-being, ours and the Earth's and all the beings upon it.

This might sound very complicated. It isn't! It is a fun, exhilerating, joyful time of immersion. Imagine being embraced by the hugest, most loving arms in the world! We sometimes walk slow in the valley's, over centuries old roots from moss covered trees. Sometimes we fly high on the tops being blown by winds as the ravens soar. Sometimes we hear about how our ancestors lived here, informed by maps and stories. Sometimes we draw doodles and colour them later in the warmth.  This is an adventure. Your next 24 hours is uncertain, an adventure. How do you want to live it? Alive, breathing, noticing, your feet kissing the earth? If so, come join us.

"Walking up this morning I smile.
I have twenty four hours to live
I vow to live them deeply
and learn to look at the beings
around me with eyes of compassion."
~Thich Nhat Hanh from
No Mud, No Lotus
My name is Elizabeth Woodcock and I'm a walk leader, artist, horticulturist, writer, photgrapher and mother. I hold a post-graduate certificate in Environmental Values (UCLAN). I've worked as a Managing Director and lived in cities like Dubai, I've been a travel journalist and spent periods in 'luxurious' places but I'm coming full circle, back home. Literally. Back to where I was born, which is Cumbria home to the Peninnes and the Lake District. Where my joy is found walking, being in nature, noticing, slowing down, breathing, and sharing this deep love.
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